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Parking in Amsterdam

Did you know…

  • There are more than 231,000 passenger cars registered in Amsterdam?
  • This amounts to almost 1,400 passenger cars per square kilometre?
  • The number of bicycles in our capital is nearly 900,000?

Parking rates in Amsterdam

Since April 2019, parking in the city centre of Amsterdam has become much more expensive. The price for parking your car downtown is now a mere € 7.50 per hour. The rates in the other parking zones and garages have gone up as well.

One of the municipality’s main reasons for increasing the parking rates is the desire to make the city center a low-traffic area. Another measure to achieve this is the abolition of thousands of parking spaces.

Amsterdam collects 200 million euro (!) in parking fees annually, of which 32 million euro goes to surveillance. Most of the revenue is used to improve the road network and to create playgrounds and green spaces.

Parking police

The parking police, removing stuff that doesn’t belong in the parking meters, back in 1977.

Various parking zones in the city

Amsterdam has several zones, each with its rate.

  • Blue zones: in the blue zones you can park for free, but this is only allowed for a short time. You are obliged to use a parking disc here.
  • 10-cent zones: you can park here for a short time for 10 cents. You may find these zones near shopping streets, cemeteries or care complexes.
  • Regular zones: here the hourly rates vary from € 1.40 in Amsterdam Noord, for example, to € 7.50 in the city centre.

Is free parking possible in Amsterdam?

It’s almost impossible to park for free in Amsterdam. If you look very well, you might accidentally find a street where you don’t have to pay for parking.

Other options, cheaper than parking in the city center, are for example:

  • P+R Transferium;
  • Parking at a metro station outside the beltway;
  • Low-cost parking garage.

A day’s parking in Amsterdam

Imagine: you’ve had an enjoyable drive from The Hague, and you’re driving straight into the chaotic city centre of Amsterdam. On your left side, a loudly ringing tram overtakes you. To the right, some cyclists are throwing themselves in front of your wheels.

That one parking space along the canal you just passed was too cramped. Also, you don’t feel like parallel parking so close to the water. The parking garage you just drove by is full, regrettably.

After half an hour of driving around in circles, you’ve finally found a parking space! There’s a queue at the parking machine. It’s now 13.09 hours, while your important appointment was at 13.00 hours. While walking hastily, you try to register at your parking app. Was this the Korte Marnixstraat, Derde Marnixdwarsstraat or the Marnixkade?

bicycle parking

If you think finding back your car is a challenge, try recovering your bike!

After your appointment, you start the search for your car. Registering to your parking app failed, so, sadly, you got a fine. The BMW driver next to you probably opened its door a bit too enthusiastically when he got out. Your car has a dent now, which wasn’t there two hours ago. And retrospectively, it was the First Marnixplantsoen where you parked. It took some locating your car!

Of course, we welcome you to Amsterdam, but maybe it would be better not to come by car next time!

Staxi offers the solution

Isn’t it preferable to arrive fully relaxed at your big meeting in Amsterdam? In the taxi from The Hague, you got some work done and handled several phone calls. Now your driver drops you off at the doorstep.

No more stress in traffic, no parking fees and no more searching for your car. A friendly Staxi driver will take you safely and quickly to your destination in a clean taxi. Book your taxi online or via the Staxi App. Through WhatsApp, you can contact our dispatch center 24 hours a day.

Find more information about parking in Amsterdam on the website of the city of Amsterdam.

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