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Our drivers

Our drivers are the soul of Staxi. They are the ones that operate on our behalf. Behind the scenes we will do our utmost to ensure that you have a pleasant experience when you travel with Staxi. The most important thing is that you feel safe when you’re in the car with a Staxi driver.

5 sterren chauffeur

Staxi Selectie driverThanks to the introduction of the new Amsterdam taxi regulation in 2012, the quality of taxi transport in our city has improved considerably. Unfortunately, taxi drivers generally still have a tarnished image. Making detours, bad manners or worse: this is what taxi drivers, unfortunately, are still associated with.

We’re changing course: if you take a Staxi, you can be sure that you’ve made a good choice. For: all Staxi drivers are taxi drivers, but not every taxi driver is a Staxi driver!

Professional drivers

Within the Dutch taxi industry, there are many different branches. Staxi drivers have the necessary experience in various areas:

  • When you hail a taxi or get in at a taxi stand, then you’re using the taxi hailing market. The fare will always be metered so you don’t know what your ride will cost you.
  • Did you pre-book a taxi? Then you’re using the taxi booking market. If you book a Staxi in advance, you’ll always get a fixed price.
  • Contract market: this is taxi transport on a regular basis for specific target groups such as the elderly or school-going children.

As you can see, our drivers know the industry well!

Safety first!

First and foremost, your safety should be ensured when you let someone else take the wheel on your behalf. With us, you can be 100% sure that all our drivers comply with both national and municipal laws and regulations.

  • All drivers are in possession of a Certificate of Good Behaviour (VOG).
  • All vehicles are technically sound and well insured.
  • All our drivers are licensed and authorised specifically for providing taxi services.

How do we ensure a pleasant taxi ride?

A taxi ride should be pleasant and comfortable. We particularly train our drivers to be service oriented and helpful. They speak at least two languages (Dutch and English), they know their way around, they help you with your luggage and they drive safely.

Get the Staxi app!Apart from our selection and training, passengers can also give driver ratings. When you made a booking with our App or through this website, you get the option to rate your ride. In case your review wasn’t a positive one, we will engage in a conversation with this driver to help him get a better rating next time. Your thoughts as a passenger are valuable to us!

The reviews that you find all the way on the bottom of this page, are genuinely written by actual Staxi customers. Each and every one of them!

Staxi Academy logoCompulsory courses at Staxi Academy

Every driver that wants to join Staxi, has to participate in a mandatory training at our Staxi Academy. A variety of subjects are covered during this training. For instance: new laws and regulations, how to operate the board computer properly, but also how to excel in customer service. We clarify what Staxi expects of all connected drivers. Because high-quality service is very important to us.

Next to this Staxi training, we also offer an extra course in CPR. In this course, drivers learn what to do in case of an emergency. Because, if you’re on the road a lot, you’re bound to see accidents happen. You never know what difference a CPR course can make!

Book a taxi

Always a fixed price

Book your taxi for a fixed price at Staxi. No surprises afterwards.


Safely from door to door

Your driver takes the fastest route and brings you safely to your destination.


Licensed drivers

Our professional drivers know their way around.


"Really nice and safe drive, he also waited for the four of us (we're all young girls) to get inside the hotel. It was really easy to find him since he called us. Recommended! -Eliana


"Fantastic service at a great price. Used it for three trips from and to the airport. Pick up was always on time. Vehicle was clean and driver was courteous. I definitely recommend this service." -Michelle


"My Italian guests were very happy with the driver, the taxi ride and the pick up location. Everything was very well settled!" -Yanne


"On time, not expensive, good drivers. Excellent!" -Anco


"Extremely lovely driver and arrived promptly! Would use again." - Ella


"Arrived on time and the service was excellent!" -Caroline


"Finally a taxi service that lives up to the expectation. Booked a taxi super easy for my elderly mother who, thanks to Staxi, could come over at new years eve without paying too much. Thanks!!" -Ferry


"Helped me out with my baggage and drove carefully, yet quick. Thank you!" -Anggarda


"Great Smooth Driver not even 2 min he already arrived. Highly Recommended!!" - Aaron