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The easiest way is to book a taxi online. Enter your ride details and calculate the fixed fare within a minute. You can also download the Staxi App to book a taxi, or give us a call. You can even book a taxi through WhatsApp!

Do you want to book a taxi online? Then you need the following information: The pick-up address and the destination address (both may also be a company name or the name of an airport, for example. The system automatically links the correct addresses), the date and time when you need the taxi, the number of passengers and the name, telephone number and e-mail address of the contact person).

Check out the 'Book a taxi' page for more information, or go straight to the taxi fare calculator.

If you book a taxi via our taxi booking app, you can have your pick-up address determined by the phone via GPS. Of course, you can also enter an address or a company name. Next, enter the destination address, the date and time when the taxi is needed, and the number of passengers.


Do you want to book a taxi by phone? Then have the following information at hand: The pick-up address and destination address (both can also be a company or airport name, among others), the date and time when you need the taxi, the number of passengers and the name, the mobile number and the contact's email address). You will receive an SMS with the ride confirmation on the mobile number after booking.

Yes, that's possible. You can book a taxi at any time. Do you need a taxi as soon as possible? Then add 15 minutes to the current time, which is the minimum reservation time. In some areas, the minimum reservation time is longer. You will see this in the taxi fare finder when you have chosen the date and time.

Did you order your taxi online or with the Staxi App? Then you will automatically receive a reservation confirmation by e-mail. If you have reserved a taxi by phone or WhatsApp, you will receive a confirmation by SMS.

You can. If you need a taxi to or from a train station, enter the station's name in the address field. Do you need a taxi from a bus, tram or metro stop? Then it is more convenient to order a taxi with the Staxi App. Turn on your location, and the app will search for the corresponding address. Put in the comments that you are at a public transport stop so that the driver knows where to find you.

Have you pre-booked the taxi? Then the driver will be with you at the requested time. Have you booked a taxi for as soon as possible? Usually, it takes about 10 minutes for the driver to arrive. In abnormal weather conditions, at night, during rush hour and outside the A10 ring road, it may take a little longer for your taxi to arrive. In the Staxi App, you can see exactly where your driver is.

Yes, that's possible. If you book your taxi with the Staxi App, you can use your GPS to determine your location. You can also enter the name of a company (hotel, restaurant, airport, etc.) via our app or the online taxi fare calculator. The system automatically matches the correct address.

Yes, that's possible. Fill in the taxi fare finder, and you will immediately see how quickly we can be of service to you!

Yes, that's possible. Order a taxi with a stopover to call at an additional address on the way. Choose add waypoint in the fare finder to add an extra address to the route. You can add multiple stops, immediately seeing what it costs.

Yes, that's possible. When in the booking form, choose "return (new ride)" in the transfer type dropdown to book a round trip. The price you see is the total price for both rides.

That depends on where we have to pick you up; we have more taxis available in some locations than others. Use the taxi fare calculator to request a ride; you will immediately see how quickly we can be of service to you!

Yes, Staxi is a reliable taxi company. Staxi is an Authorized Taxi Organization (TTO) licensed by the Municipality of Amsterdam. Schiphol recognizes us as an Accepted Taxi Organization (GTO). Furthermore, Staxi is a TX-certified taxi company, and our company is also certified according to the standards of ISO9001:2015.

You can book your taxi from Schiphol Airport online or with our taxi app. Always provide your flight number when you book a taxi from Schiphol. We monitor whether your flight is delayed or if it lands earlier. The driver will pick you up at the Staxi Pickup point. Navigate to the page 'Taxi from Schiphol Airport' for more information.

If you have booked a taxi from Schiphol Airport, the driver will be waiting for you at the pickup point near the departure halls. Please find more information on the page 'Taxi from Schiphol Airport'.

The cost of your taxi to Schiphol depends on the ride distance. On the page 'Amsterdam Airport taxi costs', you will find several sample rates. At Staxi, you always get a fixed price for your taxi!

No. If you have booked your taxi at Staxi, you will never pay more than the agreed price. However, if you hailed a taxi on the street or got in at a stand, the driver will use the taximeter. In the event of a delay or detour, the taximeter continues to run, so you have to pay for the extra travel time and distance. To avoid nasty surprises, book your taxi at Staxi. Surf to 'Hail or pre-book a taxi?' for more information!

Yes, a ride with a sedan is cheaper than a taxi van. However, if you consider the cost per passenger, you will be surprised how the door-to-door transport costs compare to the cost of stop-to-stop public transport. Read more on the page 'What does my taxi ride cost?'

You always get a fixed price in advance when you pre-book, even if you order a taxi van.

A taxi you flag down on the street always uses a metered fare. You can find the rates on the page 'How much does a taxi cost?'

Do you suddenly end up in a traffic jam, or is the road closed and do you have to detour? Then you can end up a lot more expensive than you planned! Book your taxi online, and receive a fixed price in advance. Fixed price, no surprise!

At Staxi, you can pay in different ways. Via the online taxi booking form, you can pay with iDeal, GPay, credit card, Bancontact, Giropay and PayPal. You can pay with a credit card or iDeal via the Staxi App.

Would you rather pay in the taxi with cash, your debit card or credit card? That's also possible in most locations. You will see this automatically in the fare calculator. You can find more information on the page 'Payment methods'.

Yes, you can. All of our drivers accept payment cards in the taxi. When booking through the website or app, you can pay by card as well. Please find more information on the page 'Payment methods'. 

No, you can only pay in euros. If you don't carry any euros, your best choice is to book a taxi with the app or the online booking form. You can prepay with your credit or debit card when you book online.

Yes, that's possible. Book your taxi online or with the Staxi App and pay in the way that suits you best. You can find more information on the page 'Payment methods'.

Yes, that's possible. We offer this option to our B2B customers. You can find more information about driving on account on the 'Corporate taxi' page.

Yes, if at least one adult travels with the baby, you can. Please note that a baby legally counts as a full-fledged person. A maximum of 4 people can ride in a regular taxi, a maximum of 8 people in a minibus.

Child seats are not mandatory in the taxi. Therefore, it's best to keep the baby on your lap during the ride or bring your own seat. 

No, our taxis do not have child seats. Taxis have an exemption for this, established by law. Do you find it more comfortable if your child is seated in a child seat? Then please bring your own, the driver will gladly place it for you.

We post all objects found in our taxis on the website iLost. Is the item you lost not listed here? Then, unfortunately, we have not seen it.

Do you have a complaint? Then please fill in the online complaint form. You can also send an email if you prefer.

In a regular taxi (sedan), four passengers are allowed. Are you travelling with more than four people? Then book a taxi bus!

Our taxi vans can accommodate up to 8 passengers. You can order a taxi bus online and of course, you'll get a fixed price. 

If you have booked a taxi via the website or our app, the driver will drive via the fastest route. When you take a taxi from the stand or hail a cab on the street, the driver must take the shortest route. In a city like Amsterdam, that can take a lot of time!

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee this for ad hoc reservations.

If you book the taxi at least one hour in advance, you can indicate whether you would like a low or higher entry. When ordering via the website or App, you can enter this in the comments field. If you book by phone, pass on your wishes to the operator. We will do our best to meet your needs, but we do not guarantee this.

Yes, that's possible. Book a taxi bus if you can get out of the wheelchair during the ride. Do you want to remain seated in the wheelchair during the ride? Then book a wheelchair taxi.

Yes, that's possible. Book your wheelchair taxi online, for a fixed price!

Usually not, unless your bike is boxed. Then it can fit in a taxi van.

Yes, that is allowed if the dog travels in a travel bag or bench. An assistance dog is always allowed in the taxi.

Yes, that is possible, if you indicate this in time with your reservation. We do our best to meet your wishes, but we do not guarantee this.

If you did not find the information you are looking for, please contact us. We’re happy to help.

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