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Frequently asked questions

next What information is necessary if I want to make a reservation online?

If you want to order a taxi online through our website, you will be asked to provide the following information: pick up address, address of your destination, number of passengers, time and date and a telephone number on which we can reach one of the passengers. Read more on the page ‘Book a taxi‘.

next What information is necessary if I want to make a reservation by the Staxi App?

If you order a taxi with the Staxi App, your current location is determined using GPS. Of course, you can also type in an address if you wish. Other necessary information is: address of your destination, time and date and the number of passengers. If this is your first time booking a Staxi with the app, we will ask you to provide your bank or credit card details once only. Read more on the page ‘Book a taxi with the Staxi App‘.

next What information is necessary if I want to make a reservation by telephone?

If you prefer to order your Staxi by telephone, please provide us with the following: your telephone number, pick up address, address of your destination, number of passengers and of course the date and time on which you need a taxi. Visit ‘Book a taxi‘ for more information.

next Can I order a taxi for a specific date and time?

Absolutely. You can order a taxi for any moment you like. Even if you need a taxi right now! Read more about ordering taxi’s on the pages ‘Book a taxi‘ and ‘Book a taxi with the Staxi App‘.

next How do I know my reservation has been processed correctly?

If you made your reservation through our website or App, you’ll get a confirmation e-mail. If you made your reservation by telephone, the dispatcher will confirm your booking.

next Will I receive a confirmation after ordering a taxi?

Yes, if you made your order through our website or App, you will automatically receive an e-mail confirmation. 

next Can I order a taxi for a pick up from a train station?

Yes, that’s possible. If you order through our website, please select the option ‘train station’ instead of the default option ‘address’. With bookings by the App, when you start typing the name of the train station, it will appear on a selection list with a train icon so you can recognize it easily.

next How long do I have to wait before my taxi arrives?

If you made your reservation through our App, you will get live feedback about your taxi’s location. How long it takes before the taxi arrives, depends on the location of the driver when you made your order. If you pre-booked a taxi, your driver will arrive at the pick up location on the requested time. Should you need a taxi right now, the average waiting time is no longer than 10 minutes. Special circumstances such as bad weather or rush hour can prolong the waiting time slightly. 

next I don’t have any address details. Can I still order a Staxi?

Yes, that’s possible. The App will localize your position if you have your GPS turned on. On the website, you can type in names of hotels and restaurants and the system will automatically fill in the correct address. You still need to provide us with the destination address.

next Can I order a taxi outside of Amsterdam?

At this moment, we operate only in the Amsterdam region. If you need a taxi elsewhere, please contact us by telephone to discuss the possibilities.

next Does Staxi have enough taxi's in its fleet? Is there always a taxi available or do I have to wait a long time?

Staxi has a pool of 600 drivers. Most of them are working in the city center of Amsterdam or around Schiphol Airport. In those spots often you don’t have to wait longer than 7 minutes before your taxi arrives. When you need a taxi outside the city center, most of the time it will take about 15 minutes to pick you up. On busy days like King’s Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day or under extreme weather conditions the time of arrival can be somewhat longer. Suggestion: Download our App and you will see the location and estimated time of arrival of your taxi.

next Is Staxi a reliable taxi company? How does it show?

Staxi is a taxi company, licensed by the municipality of Amsterdam. We are also endorsed by Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. In addition, our taxi company has a special certificate that identifies us as a high quality company.

Our drivers are trained at our own Staxi Academy. Both our company and our drivers have been approved by a number of organisations. Read more about it on the page ‘Certificates and quality marks‘.

next Can I make a reservation to be picked up at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport?

Yes, you can. If you wish to do so, it is wise to disclose your flight number. You can do this by telephone, or if you order online or by the Staxi App, use the comment field. We will keep track of your flight and contact you to arrange a pick up location. For more information, please read the page ‘Taxi from Schiphol Airport to Amsterdam‘ and ‘Taxi from Amsterdam Airport: how to find yours?‘.

next What is the pick up location for pre-booked taxis at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport?

Our default pick up address at Amsterdam Airport is outside of the departure halls (upstairs). When you exit the departure halls, the door will have a letter above it. Inform the driver of this letter and he will arrive on average within 5 to 10 minutes. Read more on the page ‘Taxi from Schiphol Airport to Amsterdam‘ and ‘Taxi from Amsterdam Airport: how to find yours?‘.

next Can the driver pick me up inside the terminal with a nameplate?

That’s possible, but we charge an additional €15,- for this service. We will pick you up at the meeting point in the central hall. Please fill in our contact form or send an e-mail.

next Does Staxi give fixed rates for rides to and from Amsterdam Airport?

You’ll always get a fixed price when ordering a Staxi. Read more about it on the page ‘Taxi costs‘.

next Can I get a fixed price for a taxi ride?

When you make a reservation with Staxi, you will always get a fixed price. Of course, we do need the address details of your pick up location and destination. Visit the page ‘Taxi costs‘ for more information.

next What if there is a delay during the ride? Do I get charged more?

No, you won’t have to pay more if there’s a delay with a taxi you’ve pre-booked. Fixed price, no surprise. Read all about it on the page ‘Taxi costs‘.

next Is there a difference in the fare for a sedan or a taxi van?

For both sedans and taxi vans we calculate the same rate, when you travel with up to 4 passengers. If your group is larger than 4 persons, different rates apply. Read about it on the page ‘Taxi costs‘.

next When is the modified fare for taxi vans applied?

The fare for vans is applied when you’re traveling in groups of 5 to 8 persons. More information about the costs of a taxi can be found on the page ‘Taxi costs‘.

next What are the costs for a taxi I wave down at the streets?

A Staxi you wave down at the street or at a taxi rank, will always drive on the meter. You can find the rates per kilometer and per minute on the page ‘Taxi costs‘.

Should you find yourself stuck in a traffic jam or before a roadblock, the price can go up rather quickly. That’s why we advise pre-booking a taxi through this website or our App, and you’ll get a fixed price in advance!

next Can I pay by credit card?

If you order a Staxi through the website or App, you can pay in advance with your credit card. This is a fixed price. If you flag down a taxi in the road or grab a taxi at the taxi rank, you can also pay with credit card in the taxi.

next Can I pay by debit card?

You sure can. All of our drivers accept debit cards in the taxi. When booking through the website, you can choose to pay with iDeal. If you want to make a reservation through our App, you fill in your bank details once only, and all future payments will take place automatically.

next Does the driver have enough change?

Yes, all drivers are responsible to have a sufficient amount of small change at their disposal. However, if you make your booking by the App or website, you can pay in advance and there’s no fuzz about the change (of course, you can always tip the driver in cash!).

next Can I pay with foreign currency?

No, unfortunately this is not possible. If you only carry foreign currency, your best choice is to order a taxi by our App or through this website. Using the App or booking module on this site, you can pay in advance with your credit or debit card.

next Can I pay the taxi fare in advance?

Yes, if you book through our website or App, you can select a payment method that suits you best. See the pages ‘Book a taxi‘ and ‘Book a taxi with the Staxi App‘.

next Can I travel on credit with Staxi?

Yes, that’s possible. Please use the contact form to contact us about traveling on credit.

next Is it allowed to bring a baby in the taxi?

Yes, given that at least one adult is traveling along.

next Can my child travel by taxi on its own?

Unaccompanied children are allowed from age 9 and up. When ordering, please mention the destination and the name of the person that will await your child. Also, please provide us with the telephone numbers of the persons involved.

next Are there children’s seats in the taxi?

No, there are no children’s seats in the taxi. Taxis have a dispensation for this. Should it make you feel more comfortable, you can always bring your own. The driver will happily help place the seat.

next I lost something in the taxi. What do I do now?

When something is found in one of our taxis, we will post it on If you can’t find the lost object there, you can contact us using the contact form.

next Can I file a complaint anonymously?

No, that’s not possible. We’ll always need your contact details. Of course, we will never pass on this information to third parties. 

next How can I file a complaint?

Should you have a complaint about one of our drivers, please fill in the complaint form on our website. If this is not an option for you, send us an e-mail.

next How many persons are allowed in a taxi?

In a sedan or station wagon, up to 4 passengers are allowed. In a van, depending on the seat placement up to 8 passengers can travel along.

next Can I order a taxi for a short ride?

Yes, of course. Our drivers accept all rides, no matter the distance. When you order through our App, you’re informed on the estimated waiting time. Moreover, you’ll get a fixed price in advance.

next Will the driver help me getting into and out of the taxi? Will he also help me with my luggage?

Absolutely. Our drivers are happy to help.

next Do Staxi drivers have a navigational system on board?

They do. Most of the time though they don’t need it, as their knowledge of the city streets is excellent.

next Am I allowed to make phone calls during the ride?

You are, just as long as it is not too distracting for the driver.

next Will the driver choose the fastest route or the shortest route?

It depends. If you booked a taxi online or with our App, your ride has a fixed price. The driver will take the fastest route. Did you get in a taxi on a taxi rank or did you flag one down? Then the driver will take the shortest route, unless you’ve asked him otherwise. Read more on this subject on the page ‘Taxi costs‘.

next Are Staxi drivers allowed to use the tram or bus lane?

Yes, most of our drivers have a special dispensation for this. More about our drivers can be found on the page ‘Our drivers‘.

next Can I order a taxi in a specific colour?

If you need the taxi right away, it’s not possible to ask for a specific colour. When you need a taxi for a special occasion, please contact us through the contact form or give us a call and we will do our best to fulfill your request.

next Can I order a taxi with easy access?

For reservations within 15 minutes, we cannot guarantee we are able to accommodate your requirements. However, if you book your taxi at least one hour ahead of time, you can use the remark fields in the App or on the website to make your request, or, if you book by telephone, you can ask the dispatcher.

next Can I order a taxi of a specific car brand?

Unfortunately, this is not possible.

next Can I bring my mobility scooter in the taxi?

That depends on how big it is. You can make a transfer request on the page ‘Wheelchair taxi‘.

next Can I travel with a Staxi while seated in my wheelchair?

Yes you can! You can request a transfer with a wheelchair taxi on our page ‘Wheelchair taxi‘.

next Can I bring my bike in the taxi?

Most of the time, you can’t. If your bike is boxed, than it can be transported with a taxi van.

next Can I bring my pet in the taxi?

Most of the time, you can. Please, do inform us that you want to bring a pet and we will examine the possibilities.

next Can I order a taxi with a driver who speaks a certain language?

Yes, you can, provided that you make your reservation a little bit in advance. We will try our very best to fulfil your request, however, we cannot guarantee we succeed!

next Can I order a well-dressed driver wearing a tie?

Yes, of course. Inform us about your wishes through the remark field on our website or App, or ask the dispatcher.

next Can Staxi help transporting my belongings? I’m moving house.

No, we are a passenger transport company.

next Can Staxi arrange transport during my wedding day or other festivities?

We can help. Please contact us through the contact form or by telephone to inform us about your wishes. 


"Really nice and safe drive, he also waited for the four of us (we're all young girls) to get inside the hotel. It was really easy to find him since he called us. Recommended! -Eliana


"Fantastic service at a great price. Used it for three trips from and to the airport. Pick up was always on time. Vehicle was clean and driver was courteous. I definitely recommend this service." -Michelle


"My Italian guests were very happy with the driver, the taxi ride and the pick up location. Everything was very well settled!" -Yanne