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If you’re looking for a good quality yet low-cost Amsterdam Taxi Service, then stop looking because you’ve found it! Book your taxi with Staxi; you’ll get a fixed price with each reservation. Use the online fare calculators or download the free Staxi App to find your fixed price within a minute.

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Book your Amsterdam taxi online

Wherever you are in Amsterdam, we are happy to pick you up. Book a Staxi online or use the Staxi App. Our drivers will make sure that you are picked up on time and arrive safely at your destination.

You can pre-order a Staxi in different ways:

  • Use the price calculator on this websiteGet the Staxi app!
  • Download the free Staxi App, verify your account and book a Staxi
  • Order your taxi by phone, we are happy to help you on your way
  • Send a message to the Staxi Dispatch Center via WhatsApp. We are available 24/7.

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When you pre-book a taxi at Staxi, you can be sure that you’ll be picked up on time by a professional taxi driver in a tidy taxi. Over 500 drivers are connected to Staxi. Each year they follow compulsory courses at our Staxi Academy. As a result, we know each of our drivers personally.

Curious what customers say about us? Read the reviews about Staxi at the bottom of this page.

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The Staxi reassurances:

✓ Your taxi will be at your door at the desired time;
✓ Your driver is courteous and friendly, meets all legal requirements and, if necessary, helps you with loading and unloading your luggage;
✓ With the fixed fares that we offer with every reservation, you can be sure that you’ll never pay too much.

Do you need a taxi more often? Then use our App to book a taxi quickly and easily.

Taxi costs are higher if you don’t pre-book
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The number one reason to pre-book rather than hail a taxi in Amsterdam is the costs. If you hail a taxi or take one from the many official taxi ranks in the city, the driver will turn his meter on the moment he starts driving.

Apart from the starting fare, there’s a fare per kilometer and a fare per minute as well. The rate per kilometer is close to €2,50.  Say there’s a roadblock and the driver has no choice but to go around it. The price can get higher than you’d like very quickly.

However, if you book a taxi at Staxi, you’ll know the fare for your taxi ride even before making your booking. That’s because we give a fixed fare for every booking. Fixed price, no surprise! If you want to know what your taxi will cost, you can easily calculate it with our online taxi fare calculator.

Icon from A to B fixed priceThe shortest route is not always the fastest

If you’ve hailed a cab or took one from a taxi rank such as Amsterdam Central Station or Amsterdam Airport, you will pay a fee per kilometer and per minute. By law, the driver is obliged to take the shortest route possible. As you can imagine, the shortest route is not necessarily the fastest one, especially not in a city like Amsterdam.

When you pre-book a Staxi, the fare is fixed. That means you won’t be charged extra for the slightly longer but faster route that your driver knows.

Example: from Amsterdam Central Station to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

The shortest route: 16,8 km – 32 minutes
The fastest route: 20,3 km – 23 minutes

Source: ANWB Routeplanner

As you can see, the difference is quite big! The fastest route, in this case, is almost 10 minutes faster than the shortest one. Another good reason to not just get in a random taxi but book one in advance.

Pre-book and pre-pay

The driver took you from A to B safely. It took a little longer than planned, because you ran into a roadblock. Your train is almost leaving so your rushing to find your wallet…

Or you pre-book a taxi with Staxi and pay in advance. You’ll get an invoice via e-mail so you don’t have to wait for the receipt to be printed either.

Staxi best driver serviceThe best service in town

We think good quality is the most important thing. As our customer, you deserve the best service. We try to safeguard our level of quality as well as we can. That’s why we’ve got our own training center at Staxi Academy to train our drivers ourselves.

As a customer, you can put your two cents in too: when you’ve arrived at your destination, you can rate your driver. We will make sure your rating ends up where it should. If your ride didn’t go as expected and you’ve pointed this out in your review, we will contact the driver and come up with a plan to improve. In this manner, we do our best to keep our high quality of service!

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Book your taxi for a fixed price at Staxi. No surprises afterwards.


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"Really nice and safe drive, he also waited for the four of us (we're all young girls) to get inside the hotel. It was really easy to find him since he called us. Recommended! -Eliana


"Fantastic service at a great price. Used it for three trips from and to the airport. Pick up was always on time. Vehicle was clean and driver was courteous. I definitely recommend this service." -Michelle


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