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Need a taxi in Amsterdam? Book your taxi easily and quickly with Staxi! With Staxi, you’re in for a safe ride without breaking the bank. And with our fixed fares, you’ll never have to guess how much your taxi will cost.

  • The fixed price taxi

    Book a taxi for a fixed price. No surprises afterwards.
  • Safely from door to door

    Your driver takes the fastest route and brings you safely to your destination.
  • Licensed drivers

    Our professional drivers know their way around.

Book your Amsterdam taxi online

When you book a taxi with Staxi, you immediately see the fixed price. There are no extra charges, so you won’t face any unpleasant financial surprises upon arrival. Our drivers provide a safe ride to your destination at the agreed-upon price.

Calculate the cost of your taxi in our online taxi fare finder without any obligation.

How to book a taxi in Amsterdam?

You can pre-order a Staxi in different ways:

Image for Taxi Amsterdam - A Staxi Taxi in Amsterdam, with blue roof light saying Staxi with three red Amsterdam crosses.

For group trips of up to 7 people, it is possible to book a minibus taxi. Efficient, easy and fun!

How much does an Amsterdam taxi cost?

You want to know how much your Amsterdam taxi will cost, preferably before you’re presented with the bill. We get that, so we’ve created an easy-to-use online taxi fare calculator through which you can find the fare and book your ride in a jiffy.

Costs are the most significant reason to pre-book rather than hail a taxi in Amsterdam. When you take a random taxi, the meter starts running as soon as the driver starts driving. Did you take a taxi from an official rank or hail one from the street? Then be prepared to pay!

At Staxi it works differently. When you order your taxi with us, you will receive a fixed price in advance. There are no additional costs and our fixed rates are always per taxi and not per person. Even if the driver is suddenly only allowed to drive 30 km/h, you still pay the pre-agreed price. That’s a nice thought, right?

Day and night taxi service

We have drivers available day and night, so it doesn’t matter what time you need transportation. Staxi keeps driving when public transportation stops!

For all the early birds who need to leave their nests a bit earlier, we’re ready to take you safely and quickly to your destination. And for our night owls, we also have a taxi ready to get you where you need to be.

Book your Amsterdam taxi online or through the free Staxi App.

Reliable Taxi Company Amsterdam

Reliable Taxi Company Amsterdam

Pre-booking a cab with Staxi is easy. When you book a taxi with us, you know you’ll be picked up on time by a professional driver in a clean car. We have over 500 licensed drivers who follow compulsory courses at our Staxi Academy annually. As a result, we know each of our drivers personally.

Curious about what customers say about us? Read the reviews about Staxi at the bottom of this page.

Taxi from Amsterdam to Schiphol Airport

Can you also book a taxi from Amsterdam to Schiphol Airport? Absolutely! We’ll arrange a safe transfer from Amsterdam to Schiphol as well! We proudly transport 60,000 people to and from Amsterdam Airport each month. Booking your taxi to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol with Staxi is a breeze.

Want to pick someone up on the way to the airport? Book a taxi with an extra stop using our online taxi fare finder.

Amsterdam Taxi App

Download the Staxi App today and book your next ride in just a few taps. Whether you need a cab right away or want to book for later, our easy-to-use app has got you covered.

We know that sometimes life throws us curveballs, and plans change. With Staxi, you don’t have to worry about getting stranded somewhere. With our easy app, you can order a taxi anytime, day or night, rain or shine. Follow the driver in real-time on the map and see their license plate number so you know which taxi is coming to pick you up. And if anything changes, contact your driver directly from the app.

Pre-book and pre-pay

The driver took you from A to B safely. It took a little longer than planned because you ran into a roadblock. Your train is about to leave, so you hurry to find your wallet…

Or you pre-book a taxi with Staxi and pay in advance. You’ll get an invoice via e-mail, so you don’t have to wait for the receipt to be printed.

The best taxi service in Amsterdam

Quality is our top priority. As our customer, you deserve nothing but the best service. That’s why we have our training center at Staxi Academy to train our drivers ourselves.

Have you ever had an experience with a driver who was rude, not punctual, or didn’t know where they were going? Don’t worry; our drivers know how vital their service is to us and take pride in their work. When you rate your driver after your ride, we take notice of your review and contact them if there’s an issue. This way, we keep our high quality of service and maintain our excellent reputation!

The Staxi reassurances:

✓ No starting fee
✓ No metered fare
✓ No night surcharge
✓ No hidden costs

At Staxi, we eliminate all pricing confusion thanks to our fixed fares. Whether you encounter a detour or get stuck in traffic, you’ll never pay more than the agreed-upon price. But that’s not all! Our professional drivers, always punctual and with a big smile, ensure a cheerful and safe ride in a clean taxi.

And when you book a taxi, you can easily check availability in our easy-to-use taxi fare calculator. No more guessing if a taxi is ready for you! 😄🚖

Things to do in Amsterdam

Explore Amsterdam’s Rich Cultural Heritage

Begin your journey at the iconic Rijksmuseum, a treasure trove of Dutch art and history. Marvel at masterpieces by Rembrandt, Vermeer, and other Dutch masters. Don’t miss “The Night Watch,” a masterpiece that comes to life with its vibrant colours and intricate details.

After immersing yourself in art, head to Madame Tussauds for a different kind of experience. Get up close and personal with lifelike wax figures of your favourite celebrities. From historical figures to pop stars, it’s a fun and interactive way to capture memorable moments.

Vibrancy and Uniqueness in the Red Light District

Dive into Amsterdam’s bold and unique character with a stroll through the Red Light District. While the area is famous for its nightlife, it’s also rich in history. Discover hidden gems, quirky shops, and eclectic cafes tucked away in narrow lanes.

Embrace the open-minded atmosphere and acknowledge the district’s historical roots.

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Frequently asked questions

At Staxi, you can order a taxi in different ways.

  1. Via the taxi fare calculator on this website
  2. With the Staxi App
  3. Through a WhatsApp message
  4. By phone

Do you have a special request, or do you need a quotation? Please contact us; we are happy to help you out!

When you book a taxi with us, you will get a fixed price in advance. The exact cost depends on several things.

The distance of the ride

Of course, you will pay less for a shorter ride. However, our rate per kilometre decreases as the total distance increases. That is unique because most drivers use their taximeter, which charges a fixed amount for each kilometre. As a result, you are off cheaper with Staxi than with other taxi companies. 

The type of vehicle

A ride in a regular taxi is cheaper than a ride in a taxi van. When you pre-book your taxi with us, the difference in costs between a minivan and sedan is smaller than when you flag down a cab on the street or get in at a taxi rank. In that case, the driver will charge the meter rate, which is more expensive than our fixed rates.

Supply and demand

Just like a plane ticket or a night in a hotel, the fare for the same trip can fluctuate, depending on supply and demand. For example: in extreme weather conditions, such as heavy snow, the need for taxi transport increases rapidly, which makes the price rise. The same journey can also be a lot cheaper, for instance, travelling at a quiet time. 

As such, Staxi works with peak and off-peak hours. Our software automatically adjusts the fares based on supply and demand. In quiet moments, you will travel even cheaper with Staxi.

Calculate the fare for your taxi ride easily with our taxi fare calculator or via the Staxi App

Staxi has no minimum or maximum reservation time. You can order a taxi at any time.

Tip: When you book a taxi with the Staxi App, you can see precisely where the driver is and what time he or she will arrive.

At Staxi you can pay for your taxi in any way you like. Because we work with fixed prices, it is possible to pay in advance via your trusted payment environment such as iDeal, Sofort or PayPal.

Would you rather pay on-site with the driver? That’s possible too! Our drivers accept cash as well as debit and credit card payments. Without any extra costs, of course!

Take a look at the page with frequently asked questions. If your question is not answered there, please contact Staxi. We are happy to help you!