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Staxi strooigoed

Sinterklaas in Amsterdam

All of Amsterdam is cheerful and merry,
Queueing up to see Sinterklaas and his functionary.

If you want to know how our St. Nicholas poem continues, do read on!

On the 17th of November around 10:00, Sinterklaas arrives on his boat in Amsterdam. From Amsterdam Oost, the Saint and his Petes sail the Amstel to the Scheepvaartmuseum between 10:00 to 12:00. His arrival at the Scheepvaartmuseum is at 11:35.

He will continue on horseback, departing from the Scheepvaartmuseum at 12:30. Around 14:10 the Saint arrives at the Dam. On the website, you can find the complete program.

Saint Nicholas activities in Amsterdam

Sinterklaas is an excellent opportunity to have a good time. For instance, go to the theater and attend a Sinterklaas performance. What else to do throughout this period? We’ve made a small selection.

  • Buiksloterkerk: Internship with the Sint on Sunday the 17th of November at 11:00. This is an interactive theater performance for children from 4 years of age by the Dutch-Algerian theater artist and mime player Hakim Traïdia. Clown Hakim wants to go on a Pete internship with Sinterklaas.
  • Amstelveen Theater: ‘Sinterklaas’s gift vault’. A performance for children from 3 years old on Wednesday the 4th of December at 15:00. The Vault Petes have forgotten the access code of the gift vault! Will the presents be rescued in time?
  • Concertgebouw: Sinterklaas with Nienke and Ome Cor (from 4 years old). An exciting and festive concert on Wednesday the 27th of November at 15:30 with Nienke van de Berg and Cor Bakker. See the video below for a preview.

TIP: Are you looking for a Sinterklaas gift? Then check the I amsterdam Store at Central Station, or visit the website.

Saint Nicholas activities outside Amsterdam

If you want to do something fun outside of Amsterdam, we have the following two great suggestions for you.

  • The large house of Sinterklaas (Castle Assumburg in Heemskerk): opened from Wednesday the 20th of November until Sunday the 1st of December. See for yourself what it’s like to help the Saint and his Petes with the preparations for December. There are 15 different themed rooms, such as the Bakery of St. Nicholas and the gift warehouses.
  • Sinterklaas treasure hunt in outdoor center Almeerderhout: from the 17th of November to the 5th of December. Search the woods for the presents that the Petes have hidden!

Saint Nicholas’ horse or Staxi’s taxi?

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Staxi Sinterklaas met Amerigo

Staxi and St. Nicholas

All of Amsterdam is cheerful and merry,
Queueing up to see Sinterklaas and his functionary.

Where is Sinterklaas, is he on his way?
Or do we all have to wait for him in the cold all day?

Sint had some trouble with his steamboat today,
And that’s why a smart Pete started calling Staxi right away.

The Saint got a fixed price, and he was impressed,
“Three vans with lots of luggage space!”, that was his request.

The taxis soon arrived, there was no traffic-jam,
Now he could still please all the children in Amsterdam!

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