What are the costs for a taxi to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport? Find your fare

Amsterdam Schiphol taxi costs

Are you planning a flight going to or from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport? Tickets booked, hotel already paid, the only thing left to arrange is your transfer to or from Amsterdam Airport…

With our online taxi fare calculator you’ll find the fixed price for your airport taxi within one minute.

Staxi fixed rate

Staxi customer business leisureAllow yourself and your travelling companions the comfort of a taxi transfer to or from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. Our fixed rates will positively surprise you! Needless to say, getting a price request won’t bind you to anything.

Don’t go unprepared! Start and end your flight trip smoothly by pre-booking a Staxi to and from Amsterdam Airport. You can pre-pay for your reservations, so you won’t have any hassle with cash, cards or receipts in the taxi.

What are the costs for a taxi to Amsterdam Schiphol?

Calculate the price for a taxi to Amsterdam Airport in no time with our online taxi fare calculator. Alternatively, try downloading our free taxi booking app, which will also give you a fixed fare in seconds.

✓ No metered fares
✓ No waiting feeStaxi business taxi
✓ No night surcharge
✓ No baggage surcharge
✓ No hidden costs

Furthermore, Staxi is not a ride-sharing service. You’ll always get a private taxi when you book with us.

When you make a reservation at Staxi, the price for the taxi is always set. Not only for an airport transfer but for each taxi reservation. Even if – for example – you unexpectedly end up in a traffic jam or if the driver is forced to make extra miles navigating around road works. This means you’ll always have clarity about the total costs for your transfer.

Staxi fixed rateCheaper than metered fares

Surely, you’ve taken a taxi before. Then you can probably remember the sentiment you had, watching the meter running so quickly you almost got out halfway.

A pre-booked Staxi is way cheaper than getting in a random taxi at the taxi rank. The fare per kilometer in the Netherlands is set at almost € 2,50. That’s the fee for a maximum of 4 passengers. And when there are 5 to 8 people travelling, the distance fee is close to € 3 for each kilometer.

Subsequently, metered taxis also charge a starting fee and a price per minute. And you’ll see, just when you need to go to the airport, there are roadworks forcing you to take a gigantic detour. With a taximeter running, the price will have gone through the roof while you’re not even close to your destination yet! Again, another valid reason to pre-book your taxi at Staxi.

Taxi costs to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

It’s often thought that travelling by public transport is much cheaper than travelling by taxi. However, did you ever compare the costs for public transport when there’s three of you taking the bus and train? When you split the bill, a taxi to the airport might well be just as cheap!

Check our fare calculator to find the fixed price for your trip to Schiphol. You’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Staxi driver badgeStaxi drivers are courteous and will always help you loading and unloading your bags from the taxi. You are transported safely and swiftly from door to door. A lot easier and more comfortable than lugging your bags in the tram, bus, metro and train yourself.

Parking at Schiphol Airport is expensive

Driving to Schiphol with your own car has its advantages. The trip to the airport will only cost you fuel and you decide for yourself at what time you leave.

However, the rates for parking at Schiphol might be slightly disappointing. For a start, count on a minimum of € 70,- for a period of one week. For that price, you park in the large, outdoor parking lot after which you’ll have to find the shuttle bus that will take you to the terminal in approximately 10 minutes.

Staxi Taxi to AirportIf you opt for the more luxurious valet parking variant, the parking costs can vary from around € 120,- to more than € 330,- for a week, given that you use the official Schiphol Valet Parking service (which we highly recommend should valet parking be the way to go for you!).

For a fraction of that price, you can travel to the airport with Staxi. You’ll be dropped off directly at the departure hall of your outbound flight. Thus, you won’t have to drag your suitcases through the rain or under a blistering sun. In addition, you don’t have to worry about what will happen to your car while you’re away.

The convenience of a taxi to Schiphol

Our driver collects you and your luggage at your doorstep and drops you off at the correct departure hall at the airport. Fast, simple and no lugging your bags in public transport. Moreover, you do not have to share the taxi with other passengers, so you travel directly to the airport without detours.

Staxi 5 star taxiBook your taxi ride to and from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport online or use the Staxi App. We will of course not only pick you up in Amsterdam but also in The Hague, Utrecht, Leiden or wherever you want. You can reach us 24 hours a day via WhatsApp.

Always be well prepared when you travel. With a Staxi taxi, you’ve arranged your transport to or from Amsterdam Airport properly!



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