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Taxi from Almere to Schiphol

If you’re travelling from Almere to Schiphol, consider taking a taxi! You’ll find that your holiday will start a lot less laborious than when you go by public transport, dragging your luggage around in the bus, through the train station into an overcrowded train. Instead, start your trip in comfort and arrive at the airport well-rested and relaxed.

Staxi Schiphol Taxi

You’ll find a well-kept, tidy taxi at your doorstep to pick you up and drop you off at the departure hall closest to your check-in desk at Schiphol. Your first-class driver will load and unload your bags and your holidays can begin! Such good service!

Staxi fixed rateFixed rate for your taxi from Almere to Schiphol

Surely, you’ve been in a taxi before. Remember how the taximeter kept on ticking? And at the end of the ride you were charged a lot more than you had expected.

That won’t happen if you pre-book your taxi at Staxi, because you’ll always get a fixed price when you do. Even if the ride takes longer due to busy traffic or there are road works and the driver has to take route around it. Still, you’ll pay the rate previously agreed upon. Fixed price, no surprise: a taxi transfer with Staxi is really care-free!

Our fixed price means:

Staxi Fixed Price Taxi

✓ No metered fare
✓ No late night surcharge
✓ No other additional charges
✓ No hidden costs

Are you curious about what your fixed price will be for a taxi ride to the airport? Find out in less than a minute with the taxi fare calculator on this page or with the Staxi App. You can also give us a call, or send us a message with WhatsApp. Our operators are available 24 hours a day.

Staxi review Marcus - a very good service I will use again

Pre-pay for your taxi to Schiphol

When you take a Staxi to Schiphol airport, you can pay the driver with cash, debit or credit card. However, pre-paying for your reservation might be advisable as you no longer have to search for cash or cards when you arrive at the airport. That way you’ll start your holidays or business trip really carefree.

You can pay online securely through our site or using the Staxi App.

Good alternative to public or private transportation

Get the Staxi app!Finish your work while you’re in a Staxi on the way to Schiphol, or just relax and enjoy. Doesn’t that sound much better than hauling your bags into the bus, transferring to a busy train in the midst of rush hour or driving to the airport yourself at ungodly hours?

When you travel with Staxi, you’ll always be transferred in a private taxi which you don’t have to share with other passengers, other than your travelling companions. In comparison with the parking costs and additional headaches you get when you drive yourself, booking a Staxi to Schiphol isn’t such a bad idea!

Return from Schiphol to Almere

Wrap up your trip peacefully by pre-booking your taxi from Schiphol back to Almere with us. You no longer need to wonder how much money you need to set aside for your taxi ride home. Instead, pre-book ánd pre-pay for your airport taxi. In that case your journey is fully mapped out.

Naturally, our fixed rates also apply for the return trip. To ensure you’ll board the right taxi, our operator will contact you by WhatsApp and guide you to the Staxi Pickup Point. It would be a shame if you missed out on your fixed price, so we’ll help you find the driver that is appointed to you. Taxi drivers from the taxi rank will always turn on the meter, because they’re obliged to do so. Still, a metered fare is a lot costlier than our fixed rate!

Staxi 5 star driverOur drivers arrange transfers for around 60,000 travellers to and from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport every month, so we can rightly call ourselves the Schiphol specialist! With us your taxi ride to the airport is well arranged.

Book your taxi to Schiphol for a fixed price with our online fare calculator or via the Staxi App.

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Always a fixed price

Book your taxi for a fixed price at Staxi. No surprises afterwards.


Safely from door to door

Your driver takes the fastest route and brings you safely to your destination.


Licensed drivers

Our professional drivers know their way around.


"Really nice and safe drive, he also waited for the four of us (we're all young girls) to get inside the hotel. It was really easy to find him since he called us. Recommended! -Eliana


"Fantastic service at a great price. Used it for three trips from and to the airport. Pick up was always on time. Vehicle was clean and driver was courteous. I definitely recommend this service." -Michelle


"My Italian guests were very happy with the driver, the taxi ride and the pick up location. Everything was very well settled!" -Yanne


"On time, not expensive, good drivers. Excellent!" -Anco


"Extremely lovely driver and arrived promptly! Would use again." - Ella


"Arrived on time and the service was excellent!" -Caroline


"Finally a taxi service that lives up to the expectation. Booked a taxi super easy for my elderly mother who, thanks to Staxi, could come over at new years eve without paying too much. Thanks!!" -Ferry


"Helped me out with my baggage and drove carefully, yet quick. Thank you!" -Anggarda


"Great Smooth Driver not even 2 min he already arrived. Highly Recommended!!" - Aaron