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If you’re looking for quick and comfortable transportation, but don’t want to burden the environment of Amsterdam any more than necessary, book an electric taxi at Staxi!

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With over 200 electric taxis in our ECO fleet, we’re making our contribution to a cleaner air for Amsterdam. Also, we will arrive at your pickup location quickly!

Electric taxi price

As usual, you’ll get a fixed price when booking an electric Staxi. Day or night, come rain or come shine; you’ll know in advance how much your zero-emission ride will cost. Fixed price, no surprise!

Staxi Electric Taxi at Amsterdam Central Station

Electric Staxi at Amsterdam Central Station


ECO taxis are completely free of any emission: no CO2, no NOx and no particulate matter discharge whatsoever. Research shows that traffic is the biggest culprit in terms of the air quality in Amsterdam. And taxis make up a big part of Amsterdam traffic.

Therefore, we’ve set ourselves the goal to be 100% emission free by 2025 (preferably sooner!). That’s going pretty well! Right now, almost half of all Staxi’s are electric!

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"Really nice and safe drive, he also waited for the four of us (we're all young girls) to get inside the hotel. It was really easy to find him since he called us. Recommended! -Eliana


"Fantastic service at a great price. Used it for three trips from and to the airport. Pick up was always on time. Vehicle was clean and driver was courteous. I definitely recommend this service." -Michelle


"My Italian guests were very happy with the driver, the taxi ride and the pick up location. Everything was very well settled!" -Yanne


"On time, not expensive, good drivers. Excellent!" -Anco


"Extremely lovely driver and arrived promptly! Would use again." - Ella


"Arrived on time and the service was excellent!" -Caroline


"Finally a taxi service that lives up to the expectation. Booked a taxi super easy for my elderly mother who, thanks to Staxi, could come over at new years eve without paying too much. Thanks!!" -Ferry


"Helped me out with my baggage and drove carefully, yet quick. Thank you!" -Anggarda


"Great Smooth Driver not even 2 min he already arrived. Highly Recommended!!" - Aaron