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Why Staxi?

Good question! Why would you want to particularly order a taxi from Staxi? The answer: Staxi is an licensed taxi service in Amsterdam and the first to offer fixed prices with each reservation. Now you will never be unpleasantly surprised with a ride that was more expensive than you’d have initially thought.

Staxi icoon taxi sterren

✓ You get a fixed price with each reservation

✓ A licensed taxi driver picks you up on schedule and will take you safely and surely to your destination

✓ A Staxi driver is a courteous driver


Would you like to order a taxi? Use the booking module on this website and make your reservation in just a few clicks. For now or for later.

Fixed price, no surprise

For pre-booked taxi’s, we always give a fixed price. Whether you make your booking with our App or through our website: you’ll know what you’ll pay in advance, each and every time. Fixed price, no surprise! Even when the traffic is a pain and the driver decides to take a longer (yet faster) route, you won’t be surprised by a higher fare at the end of the ride:
Staxi icoon fixed price
✓ No pick up fee
✓ No metered fare
✓ No waiting time fee

Thus; no unpleasant surprises afterwards. Read more about the our taxi rates on the page ‘Taxi costs‘.

24/7 dispatch centre

Our dispatch centre is manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The operators make sure your appointed driver gets going in time, will pick you up right on time and delivers you aptly form door to door. Staxi drivers are friendly and service-minded; they’ll hold the door open for you and will help with loading and unloading your luggage (should you be carrying any).

Always a taxi at hand with the Staxi App

If you want a taxi at hand at all times, download the free Staxi App and order a taxi in just a few clicks. It can come in handy in a number of different situations.

For instance; if you’re not sure about the address, you can give in the name of the establishment or hotel you are at, and the App will fill in the details. Download it now and you’ll be ready to book within a few minutes.

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Door to door with a Staxi taxi

Our operators will make sure your taxi is directed towards you on schedule. If you order an ad hoc taxi in the centre of Amsterdam, on average your taxi will arrive at the pick-up location within 10 minutes. The driver will hold the door open for you, help you load your luggage and will bring you to your destination in safety. Comfortably from door to door with a licensed Staxi taxi!

Tip! Order your taxi through our App, and you’ll know immediately where your taxi. The estimated time of arrival is also displayed the instance your driver is selected.

The Staxi-driver

Staxi has about 600 drivers at your service. They are always courteous in traffic. Each one of our drivers has an excellent knowledge of the street map of Amsterdam and is well inclined to adhere to driving regulations. What’s more, all of our drivers follow a special training each year at our own Staxi Academy.

With these trainings we hope to ensure that our drivers can handle every situation professionally and competently. The majority of Staxi drivers have successfully completed a first aid course. They’re up to date regarding laws and regulations and are trained in providing excellent service.

As a passenger, you can thus expect nothing less than the best from a Staxi driver.

Staxi: an acknowledged taxi company

Staxi was founded in 2013 and the first taxi organisation to obtain the permit, required on behalf of the city of Amsterdam, to offer taxi services on the streets of Amsterdam. Here at Staxi, we believe that the most important aspect of a good taxi service is good quality. That’s why we are immensely proud of our quality certificates and permits:

TTO permit: as mentioned above, the city of Amsterdam instated the requirement of this particular permit to offer taxi services on the streets of Amsterdam in 2013. Staxi was the first organisation to obtain this permit on the 4th of March 2013.

Staxi TX chauffeur✓ TX-certificate: In order to offer taxi services in the Netherlands, a driver must meet certain demands set by the state. Another qualification organisation, the TX-keur foundation, sets even higher standards for drivers. When these demands are met, the driver will obtain a TX-certificate, indicating that the high quality standards of TX-keur foundation are met. When a taxi organisation such as Staxi has a certain percentage of TX-qualified drivers, it is eligible to get a TX-certificate for itself. We are the proud owner of one such certificate.

✓ GTO acknowledgement: Staxi is one of eight taxi organisations that are appointed by Schiphol airport as an official airport taxi organisation (GTO). Taxi drivers who offer their taxi services at the Amsterdam airport taxi stand, must meet even higher requirements regarding to quality and service. Each month, Staxi drivers carry out about 10.000 rides starting from the Amsterdam airport taxi stand. We can say with certainty that our drivers meet the highest standards imaginable.

Learn more about Staxi by reading our story here.

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Always a fixed price

A fixed price with each booking. No surprises afterwards.


Safely from door to door

Your driver takes the fastest route and brings you safely to your destination.


Licensed drivers

Our professional drivers know their way around.


"Fantastic service at a great price. Used it for three trips from and to the airport. Pick up was always on time. Vehicle was clean and driver was courteous. I definitely recommend this service." -Michelle


"My Italian guests were very happy with the driver, the taxi ride and the pick up location. Everything was very well settled!" -Yanne


"On time, not expensive, good drivers. Excellent!" -Anco


"Extremely lovely driver and arrived promptly! Would use again." - Ella


"Arrived on time and the service was excellent!" -Caroline


"Finally a taxi service that lives up to the expectation. Booked a taxi super easy for my elderly mother who, thanks to Staxi, could come over at new years eve without paying too much. Thanks!!" -Ferry


"Helped me out with my baggage and drove carefully, yet quick. Thank you!" -Anggarda


"Great Smooth Driver not even 2 min he already arrived. Highly Recommended!!" - Aaron


"Right on time. Nice driver. Thanks!" -Sylvia


"Very courteous driver, exactly on time." -Bert


"Well-mannered driver, very friendly, we had a nice conversation. Despite the delay of our flight, he waited for us patiently. In short: again a great service from Staxi." -Bert


"Friendly driver, safe and swift ride." -Remco


"Happy with the Staxi drivers. They're always on time and bring me to my destination safely." -Maurice


"Very nice and considerate driver. Perfectly on time..pleasant ride!" -Sonja


"Very courteous driver, neat car, short but definitely pleasant ride! Recommendable!" -Daniel


"Good service, good price and a very helpful, friendly driver. I'll definitely make more use of Staxis service!" -Mr. Jensen


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