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Certificates and quality marks

Our certificates and quality marks: we cannot deny that we are very proud to have them! On this page we are happy to tell you a little bit more about them.

Staxi Icoon Taxi TX

TTO permit

In 2013, Staxi was the first organisation to get a so-called TTO permit. Back then, this permit was freshly conceived and designed to set higher standards for the Amsterdam taxi market. This permit has been mandatory for all the taxi companies in Amsterdam ever since.

To get one of these TTO permits from the city of Amsterdam, a taxi company must meet certain requirements. At least 100 drivers must be assembled in one of Amsterdam’s taxi companies. Also, each taxi company must write their own official regulation and have this approved by the municipality. This official regulation comprises all the rules that a TTO-driver has to follow. It also includes the penalties that are connected to violating these rules.

So, one of the responsibilities of the taxi companies in Amsterdam is to make sure the high standard set by the municipality is implemented among the drivers.

TX certificate for taxi companies

The TX certificate for taxi companies is an addition to the TTO permit. Whereas the TTO permit is city-bound, the TX certificate is a nationally acknowledged. A taxi company can only get one such certificate when at least half of their drivers also have a TX certificate of their own. But this certificate is not obtained just like that. A taxi driver must satisfy a set of requirements to get a TX certificate, in addition to the ones that are mandatory for all taxi drivers nation-wide, including extra quality and safety specifications.

Each year, drivers with a TX certificate must participate in a special course in which their knowledge about rules and regulations are brushed up. Each other year they participate in a supplementary first aid course. TX drivers have extra insurance next to the insurances required by law. And, because Staxi organises the courses internally, we can add that little bit extra quality insurance.

You can recognize a TX driver by a blue TX sticker on the inside of the front shield.

Staxi Icoon Taxi SterrenGTO acknowledgement

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport only recognizes eight taxi companies as official supplier of airport taxis. Staxi is one of them. This acknowledgement makes us a GTO, an accepted taxi organisation.

A taxi driver must make the grade in several areas to be qualified as an official airport driver. For example, if he shows up at work wearing jeans, he is send back home unceremoniously. Only the best drivers are eligible for joining up on the Amsterdam Airport taxi rank. We of course are proud that our drivers do about 10.000 rides each month from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, because these drivers excel in their presentation and the quality and service they offer.

Read more about our company on the page about Staxi.

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"Fantastic service at a great price. Used it for three trips from and to the airport. Pick up was always on time. Vehicle was clean and driver was courteous. I definitely recommend this service." -Michelle


"On time, not expensive, good drivers. Excellent!" -Anco


"Extremely lovely driver and arrived promptly! Would use again." - Ella


"Arrived on time and the service was excellent!" -Caroline


"Finally a taxi service that lives up to the expectation. Booked a taxi super easy for my elderly mother who, thanks to Staxi, could come over at new years eve without paying too much. Thanks!!" -Ferry


"Helped me out with my baggage and drove carefully, yet quick. Thank you!" -Anggarda


"Great Smooth Driver not even 2 min he already arrived. Highly Recommended!!" - Aaron


"Right on time. Nice driver. Thanks!" -Sylvia


"Very courteous driver, exactly on time." -Bert


"Well-mannered driver, very friendly, we had a nice conversation. Despite the delay of our flight, he waited for us patiently. In short: again a great service from Staxi." -Bert


"Friendly driver, safe and swift ride." -Remco


"Happy with the Staxi drivers. They're always on time and bring me to my destination safely." -Maurice


"Very nice and considerate driver. Perfectly on time..pleasant ride!" -Sonja


"Very courteous driver, neat car, short but definitely pleasant ride! Recommendable!" -Daniel


"Good service, good price and a very helpful, friendly driver. I'll definitely make more use of Staxis service!" -Mr. Jensen


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